Is It Safe to Reuse Disposable Face Masks?

There have been a lot of questions about how to protect ourselves from coronavirus. With the rarity of the face masks in the market, people start thinking to reuse the disposable face mask when they go out there.

Normally, we will throw the disposable face mask out after using it. But is it possible to reuse it?

Although health experts claim this as “not ideal” choice, they also stated that there could be safe ways to reuse disposable face masks to prevent COVID-19. due to the shortages, reusing can be a great alternative for many people.

As we know, the Covid-19 spreads through respiratory droplets. So, using the disposable face mask can be a great idea to prevent it from spreading.

But we also know the major issue that we are facing right now: short supply of disposable face masks.

Depending on the status in your local area, it does not merely mean that you should wear the N95 mask in order to survive. Consider if you actually need to wear it in the first place.

Usually, people who are sick or ill will need to use the disposable face mask. But if you want to double protect yourself when you go out there, wearing disposable face masks does not hurt at all.

But reusing the disposable face mask can be a contradiction. Keep in mind that your actual objective is not to reuse your disposable face mask. Reusing the mask can be a problem solver for the mask shortage, but does not necessarily a good protection against coronavirus. The best practice would be the single-use.

You might be one of those who have been struggling to find the supplies. If you are running out of mask stocks in your place and want to reuse them, you can actually do it.

First things first, you will want to decontaminate the mask first using various methods like detergen, mild soap, sun dry,

If the disposable face mask is still clean, you just need to iron it with medium heat. Don’t directly iron the surface, though.

The important point before reusing your disposable face mask is that you need to decontaminate it first before proceeding. Covid-19 does not like dry and heat situations. so, the moment the droplets are gone, it will have fewer time to live.

When it comes to decontamination, you must also make sure that both sides of the disposable face mask is decontaminated before you reuse it.

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